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Quality care from the comfort of your home.

Scheduling a Virtual Appointment

Patients can access their provider through the TytoCare app from the comfort of home or other private location. This can save time and help reduce travel challenges and expenses associated with a trip to your clinic.

What will I need?

  1. A smartphone or tablet with iOS (last two versions) or Android OS 4.4.4 or above

  2. Wi-Fi connection, mobile hot spot, or phone data

  3. Email address

  4. Earbuds or headphones (preferred but not required)


Please call 406.623.9500 to schedule an appointment,
and for assistance creating an account.

Type of visits

At the time of your visit

We have a new process for connecting to your provider for virtual visits from the comfort of your own home, or other private location. We are making this change to help make the process for every virtual visit the same for you, no matter which location or provider you’re connecting to across the areas we serve. Instead of waiting for our care team to call you, you will be calling us through the TytoCare app on your smart phone or tablet by following these steps:

Once you log into the TytoCare app, begin by clicking on ‘Start.’

On the next screen, select the appropriate patient, then ‘See a clinician online.’

Lastly, click on ‘I’m a Patient’ to connect with our care team for your virtual visit and we’ll take it from there. It’s that easy!

*PLEASE NOTE: Telehealth is a partnership between clinician and patient. You may request a telehealth visit, but it is ultimately up to your provider’s discretion and if they feel it is the best course of action for your care.


Have you signed up for the Patient Portal?

The online Patient Portal is the one stop shop for you to manage your health anytime, anywhere. You can schedule appointments, send messages or refill requests, and view your test results and billing  without having to request an appointment or wait on the phone.

Tytocare support


1-866-971-8986 (TYTO)

If you need to schedule or reschedule an appointment or let your provider know you are having issues, please contact your clinic.


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