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COVID-19 Update


As the state of Montana reopens we are looking forward to more in person visits with our patients. In order to continue to slow the spread we ask you refrain from bringing anyone to your appointment that isn't absolutely necessary. Thanks for your understanding!


Due to the recent events related to coronavirus and specifically COVID-19, please let the pharmacy staff know if you are coughing and/or have a fever. We will work with you to decrease exposure to other patients and customers. To decrease your time spent in the pharmacy waiting for medications...

  1. Please use the RxLocal app on any smart phone. 

  2. Use the link on our website.

  3. If you have your prescription number, you can call us at 406-867-4141, choose option 1 and enter the number using a touch tone phone. You can also check the status of your prescription(s) through the app or call, choosing option 4, if you know the prescription number.

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